In Transit

I’ve been to an eye clinic today, and it is raining slow. To get to Cedar Street in Tacoma I’m heading counterintuitively north, across 108th Avenue which is a kind of ridge between strip malls looking down on the valley of Kent; we’ll drop down Talbot Street, up past the Medical Center and Bronson Ave’s curves, and at the south Renton Park and Ride I’ll transfer to the 101.

That takes me up the freeway and we get off one mile before the south end of downtown, head up a little chute called the SODO Busway, passing between colorful, optimistic murals promoting multi-ethnicity and firemen. The Busway shoots right into the tunnel, where 550’s and 255’s share lanes with the link rail trains, drawing passengers from textured yellow strips and sucking them into downtown, or further off to the University District, Jackson Park, Aurora Village.

I’ll get off the Busway at Spokane, cross the street, and hop on a 594, which is a smooth ride down 1-5, a sleeping hour (or maybe I’ll read) taking me to Commerce St; and there I’ll take a forty-something to a couple of miles south, up the hill and over to Cedar Street.


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