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Sunday Afternoon

       1 ½ cups brown rice

        1 15-oz. can of Green Pigeon Peas

        Half a handful of crumbled goat cheese per serving

        1-2 tablespoons Ranch dressing per serving

        1 banana per serving

Makes five servings

This is an imitation of a Nicaraguan dish. Rinse and cook the rice, then add it to a pot with the Peas, which I bought in a Mexican grocery store, along with the cheese. You can drain the peas, or leave its juices to cook with the rice when the rice is a little over halfway done, so the juices infuse themselves into the flavor of the rice, instead of simply discarding them.  Put the rice and peas into a bowl and mix with the dressing, just enough to flavor, not enough to notably change the temperature or consistency. Sprinkle goat cheese on top, mix in lightly if desired. Let it cool down lightly as you slice a banana and simply serve it on the side on a small plate, adding a dash of cinnamon to it if you like. I eat the rice with a spoon, because it’s good that way.


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Recipe For A Drink

Chai or Cinnamon tea
Ground coffee (as for drip)
Rice milk
Splenda or sugar

I surmised this recipe from a Gyro place in Bellevue, where I bought something like it for a dollar fifty. It had all the flavor and calories of a latte. As I used to do at Aladdin’s on University Ave, I sat and drank to the sound of Arabian music, reading Louise Erdrich’s The Red Convertible.

Put a teabag, or equivalent in leaves, into a French Press, and add two tablespoons of rich, unflavored coffee. Add two to three heaping teaspoons of Splenda or sugar. Boil two cups of water. Separately, boil one cup of rice milk. Peel a stub of fresh ginger and cut three small strips, each about the size of two quarters. Toss them into the Press, then pour the water and milk. Put the top on the Press, wait about one minute, and press down; wait another minute and serve. A dash of cinnamon or nutmeg won’t be bad, though the drink itself is rich, especially if you’ve chosen fresh, quality tea and coffee with full, complex flavors. Please take at least a few minutes to simply be drinking tea, rather than distractedly drinking it while doing something else. It’s better this way. Enjoy.

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