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Happy 22nd of December

Just heard Bob Dylan singing
“Here Comes Santa Claus” in his
Throaty, burned-out voice,
Bouncing through the senseless melody
Like an optimistic 9-year-old
After smoking a carton of Lucky Strikes.

Well, I want you all to know
That I’m alright,
But it was painful and
Disorienting, like I’d just
Walked into a Vegas showroom
And seen Neil Young
Tap-dancing in a peppermint-pinstriped
Jacket, or watched
Edward Norton sit on Santa’s fat
Velvet lap and ask for a rag doll.

I mean, I’d really thought this guy was
Serious, a perfect balance
Between a sadhu
And a train hobo, the last sort of guy
To make a Christmas album
Or to pay respects to anything associated
With happiness.
I didn’t even think Dylan knew
What Christmas was.

My hopes for a revolution
Have basically been deflated
And I may have to sell
My tambourine.
Still, to be absolutely fair,
Hearing the author
Of bitter epics like ‘Rolling Stone’ and
‘Desolation Row’ caroling the arrival
Of Saint Nicholas the day after
The misnomered ‘Mayan Apocalypse’
Does have its contra-operatic appeal. In the words
Of a thin-collared hipster in the Simpson’s
Mo’s Bar episode, “Unless you’re being i-ronical,
Please turn that OFF.”



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In Transit

I’ve been to an eye clinic today, and it is raining slow. To get to Cedar Street in Tacoma I’m heading counterintuitively north, across 108th Avenue which is a kind of ridge between strip malls looking down on the valley of Kent; we’ll drop down Talbot Street, up past the Medical Center and Bronson Ave’s curves, and at the south Renton Park and Ride I’ll transfer to the 101. Read the rest of this entry »

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one blue traveling

Never made as much of the roads as I ought to have.
Neon signs rise to clouds from cheap hotels.
Greyhound children search the old sky for Zeppelins.

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